How it works

Fastcash makes moving money simple.

It's so simple to send money with Fastcash

Your money’s there in an instant How? We already hold funds in all the countries we send to, so there’s no wait. As soon as your transaction’s complete, you and your recipient will be alerted with an SMS and email. Here’s how it works:

Choose the country you want to send to.


Choose how you want send your money: cash pickup, bank deposit, Mobile Money or Airtime top-up.


Choose how much you want to send: enter an amount and our low fees and exchange rates will be clearly shown.


Create an account: if you don’t already sign up today.


Enter your friend’s or family’s details: choose from a list of people you’ve already sent to, or add a new person by entering their details.


Pay: Choose how you want to pay then confirm the amount.

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